A Gathering of 100 Experts and CEOs to Showcase Dubai’s AI Milestones in January 2024
A Gathering of 100 Experts and CEOs to Showcase Dubai’s AI Milestones in January 2024

Image: Nick Fewings (unsplash)

In January 2024, a notable gathering is set to highlight the endeavors and strategies Dubai has adopted to assimilate artificial intelligence technologies, with 100 CEOs and international AI experts leading the charge. This significant event, under the gracious patronage of H.H. Sheikh Rashid bin Ahmad Al Maktoum, is slated to unfold in Dubai.

The orchestrators of this event, Future 10X, in collaboration with Eventalist Events, have chosen the illustrious Palazzo Versace Dubai as the venue, scheduling the conference for the 8th and 9th of January 2024. Among the luminaries, Dr. Rasmus Rothe, a revered AI scientist with acclaim extending through Germany and Europe, is expected to garner substantial attention.

H.H. Sheikh Rashid bin Ahmad Al Maktoum, bestowed with the title of honorary president of the gathering, expressed a strong conviction that this conference will morph into a global platform to deliberate the integral role of AI in bolstering Dubai’s economic trajectory.

The fundamental aspiration of this gathering is to propagate technological comprehension across the region, employing clear-cut strategies and extending an invitation to both entrenched and nascent entities in the AI sphere.

Dr. Hikmat Beaini, the apex executive of the event, emphasized Dubai’s pioneering stance in the unfolding narrative of AI technology, its regulatory frameworks, and its manifold implications encompassing social, cultural, and economic spectrums.

The gathering is structured to unveil an AI exhibition, foster interactive dialogues, and carve out dedicated networking slots for CEOs to disseminate insights on the progress of AI. Additionally, accolades are set to be bestowed upon individuals and establishments that have been instrumental in the ascension of the AI sector within Dubai.

A crowd of around 2,000 attendees is projected, all keen to delve into the frontier applications and innovations within the realm of artificial intelligence.

A comprehensive agenda awaits, with 8 sessions planned to dissect a variety of domains: the imprint of AI on academic and vocational training, forward strides in healthcare, ethical discourses, and regulatory frameworks steering tech across various sectors, sans any mention of war-related themes. The following sessions are tailored to scrutinize AI’s revolutionary impact on supply chain and logistics, enhancements in communication and transport arenas, refining consumer and client engagements, elevating human resource management strategies, and fine-tuning talent acquisition methodologies.