CyberKnight Strengthens Commitment to Saudi Arabia’s Cybersecurity Progress as Official MENA ISC 2023 Distributor
CyberKnight Strengthens Commitment to Saudi Arabia’s Cybersecurity Progress as Official MENA ISC 2023 Distributor

Image: Kent Tupas (unsplash)

CyberKnight has once more fortified its partnership with VirtuPort by becoming the Official Distribution Partner – Diamond Sponsor for the 11th edition of the MENA Information Security Conference 2023 scheduled for September 12-13 in Riyadh. This collaboration involves fourteen of CyberKnight’s leading international portfolio vendors, all of whom resonate with the conference’s theme – Beyond Resilience: Zero Trust Security for an AI-Pioneered Cyber Renaissance. The event is set to attract top-tier IT Security professionals primarily from Saudi Arabia and the surrounding regions. In its role, CyberKnight seeks to guide IT Security Leaders in both the enterprise and government sectors to adhere to local frameworks like NCA and SAMA. The aim is to bolster security measures, especially those rooted in Zero Trust.

The suite of technologies that CyberKnight will introduce at the conference includes:

  • BlueCat – DDI and DNS Security
  • Arista – Software defined Networking, NPB & NDR
  • Utimaco – Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) and Encryption
  • Appgate – Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), SDP
  • Fortra – Classification, DLP, PT, MFT, SEG, DMARC, CDR
  • Illumio – Zero Trust Microsegmentation
  • Checkmarx – Unified Application Security
  • Phishrod – Phishing Simulation & Defense, End-user Awareness
  • Solarwinds – IT Operations Management & Observability
  • Group–IB – Fraud Detection, Threat Intelligence & DFIR
  • Netwrix – Data Access Governance, AD Security, File Integrity Monitoring
  • Elastic – SIEM / Big Data / Log Management
  • CounterCraft – Deception Powered by Threat Intel
  • Skyhigh Security – SSE/CASB/SWG/CNAPP

Highlighting the importance of the MENA ISC, CyberKnight’s Chief Strategy Officer, Wael Jaber, noted the event’s significant role in shaping the cybersecurity environment in Saudi Arabia. Being a key counsel to local enterprises and governmental entities, CyberKnight perceives its presence and extensive contributions at this event as vital in promoting the Zero Trust paradigm.

Further echoing the company’s mission, the General Manager Sales for CyberKnight in Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Tayeb, emphasized their continued dedication to combating cyber threats in the Kingdom using the Zero Trust model. The team offers a consultative methodology, helping clients discern their current position in the Zero Trust Security landscape and charting the path forward in compliance with local regulatory standards. At MENA ISC 2023, CyberKnight aspires to present state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions, exchange insights, and offer practical suggestions to fortify organizational security.