Delinea Aims to Bolster Middle East Organizations Against Digital Challenges at GITEX 2023
Delinea Aims to Bolster Middle East Organizations Against Digital Challenges at GITEX 2023

Image: Kent Tupas (unsplash)

Delinea, a renowned entity specializing in Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions, has confirmed its attendance at GITEX Global 2023 with the theme ‘Empowering Businesses for Secure Digital Future’. In line with its objective to assist organizations in navigating the intricate digital landscape and meeting the growing demands of digital insurance providers, Delinea intends to use this platform to display its comprehensive product range and recent advancements. Notable among these are the improvements to Secret Server, their acclaimed vault solution, and the DevOps Secrets Vault.

The upsurge in sophisticated cyberattacks has driven organizations to seek enhanced protection. In the Middle East, a significant 63% of companies have opted for some form of digital insurance. Nonetheless, with the surge in claims, insurance companies are adopting a cautious stance, stipulating stricter criteria for digital insurance and downsizing policy coverage. A Delinea research report disclosed that nearly half of the US participants had to invest in an MFA enforcement solution to comply with digital insurance stipulations.

Delinea’s Mohammad Ismail, VP Middle East, Africa & Türkiye, remarked on the challenges Middle Eastern companies are encountering. Their pressing concern is safeguarding their digital resources from advanced threats while also showcasing the robustness of their digital safety measures to insurance entities. At GITEX, Delinea aims to enlighten attendees about how optimal PAM solutions can fortify defenses against malevolent entities and lead to improved insurance terms.

Additionally, Delinea is set to unveil the latest improvements to Secret Server, which now incorporates an advanced security layer for critical accounts using MFA on credentials. This added MFA feature, distinct from the login one, offers considerable flexibility. Companies can persist with their established authenticator methods, which include Delinea Mobile App, Yubikey, and other devices that operate on FIDO2 protocols. Delinea will also spotlight the revamped policy editor of its DevOps Secret Vault. This editor enhances administrators’ capacity to implement intricate access controls for secrets in code, optimizing the process of managing secrets for multiple DevOps groups and ensuring that secrets are allotted only necessary permissions.

Furthermore, Delinea plans to exhibit how its PAM access is being broadened across the whole enterprise hybrid structure, adhering to zero-trust and least-privilege benchmarks via the Delinea Platform.

As Delinea adopts a wholly channel-focused approach in the Middle East, it views GITEX Global as the prime venue to underscore its unwavering commitment to the regional channel network. Delinea values its partners immensely, viewing them as vital consultants offering tailored solutions to business challenges. Reflecting its devotion to its channel, Delinea is channeling significant resources into programs aimed at enhancing partner skill sets and fostering business growth. Delinea eagerly anticipates interacting with both current and potential channel associates at GITEX 2023.

Visitors can find Delinea at stand B55 in Hall23.