Digital Health Forum in Dubai Gears Up for Its Third Iteration on August 31st
Digital Health Forum in Dubai Gears Up for Its Third Iteration on August 31st

Image: Malik Shibly (unsplash)

The healthcare landscape in the Middle East is being reshaped through digital health innovations, with the third rendition of the Middle East Digital Health Forum on the horizon. Slated for August 31 in Dubai, the event is designed to probe the potential and the hurdles of digital health in the region.

The agenda of the forum covers a multifaceted array of topics encompassing the digital health perspective of the UAE, telemedicine and remote healthcare, healthcare super-trends through to 2030, utilization of data analytics and AI in healthcare, privacy concerns in digital health, building a technologically advanced healthcare system, patient-centric care and digital evolution, public-private partnerships in healthcare, the role of digital health in connecting patient experience, digital health space’s disruptive startups, and sculpting the Future of Digital Health through Collaborations, Policies, and Regulations.

Attendees are offered the prospect of dynamic sessions, networking possibilities, and an opportunity to interact with industry frontrunners, innovators, and policymakers. The forum’s objective is to lay the foundation for strategic alliances, create invaluable collaborations, and foster knowledge transfer to mold the future of healthcare in the Middle East and beyond.

Nilesh Devadia, the Director of Business Development at Khaleej Times, expressed his enthusiasm about the forthcoming third edition of the Middle East Digital Health Forum. He highlighted the role of this forum in fostering innovation, collaboration, and knowledge transfer while emphasizing the significant potential of digital health in revolutionizing the healthcare industry.

In recent history, the Middle East has arisen as a vanguard in healthcare investment and development, with the GCC region showing per capita healthcare spending exceeding the global average by an impressive $1,225. In a strong commitment to the sector, the UAE dedicated 4.28% of its GDP to healthcare in 2019, as per the most recent World Bank data, forecasting substantial growth in the private sector’s role in healthcare delivery.

The increasing numbers are a testimony to the projection of the Middle East digital health market reaching an astonishing value of $7.9 billion by 2026. This is propelled by escalated healthcare expenditure, technological breakthroughs, and government initiatives encouraging healthcare digitization.

Telemedicine has seen an exceptional uptick in uptake, with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic pushing an estimated 100 per cent increase in telehealth consultations. Furthermore, mobile health applications have become an essential part of healthcare, with 40 per cent of adults in the region using health and fitness apps for wellness management.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are leading a revolution in healthcare practices, allowing improved diagnostics, personalized treatment plans, and enhanced patient care. The Middle East is seeing a significant rise in AI adoption, with an expected annual growth rate of 34 per cent in upcoming years.

The Middle East Digital Health Forum aims to expedite the digital metamorphosis of healthcare in the region. Industry visionaries, experts, and stakeholders will assemble to debate and navigate the digital health realm’s opportunities and challenges.