Mandiant Highlights AI-powered Solutions at GITEX 2023
Mandiant Highlights AI-powered Solutions at GITEX 2023

Martin Martz (unsplash)

As GITEX 2023, a premier technology event in the Middle East and Africa, gears up, Mandiant, under the Google Cloud umbrella, unveils its role in assisting businesses and individuals in their cloud transformations. Utilizing cutting-edge AI and drawing from hands-on incident response experience, Mandiant is poised to enhance cybersecurity for organizations, regardless of whether they operate traditionally or are making the shift to the cloud.

Mandiant’s involvement in GITEX 2023 echoes Google Cloud’s sustained commitment to the Middle East and Africa. This is evident from the recent introduction of Google Cloud instances in Qatar and the anticipated debuts in Saudi Arabia and South Africa. Mandiant’s pivotal role in ensuring secure cloud transitions underscores its significance at GITEX 2023 for both Mandiant and Google Cloud.

During the event, Mandiant will turn the spotlight on prevalent cybersecurity challenges, such as supply chain vulnerabilities, ransomware, and geopolitical concerns. The company will feature its Mandiant Advantage platform, a comprehensive solution that encompasses Threat Intelligence, Attack Surface Management, Security Validation, and Breach Analytics.

Attendees of GITEX 2023 have the opportunity to interact with Mandiant experts and get a firsthand look at the Mandiant Advantage platform. With a history of addressing some of the globe’s notable cyber incidents, Mandiant is set to tackle hurdles like the scarcity of adept professionals, the rising prowess of malicious entities, and the intricacies of handling security mechanisms.

Navigating the repercussions of what Mandiant labels a ‘Zero-Day Summer’, the cybersecurity realm appears more intricate than ever. The current year has witnessed 62 zero-day vulnerabilities, a spike from 55 in the previous year. A large chunk of these vulnerabilities affect sectors such as technology and telecommunications, which are usual focuses for cyber espionage. Cyber adversaries exploit zero-days mainly for financially driven assaults, sidestepping areas with minimal financial gains. Threat dynamics are shifting with enhanced social engineering ploys due to the integration of Generative AI and a surge in the illicit procurement and sale of legitimate credentials.

In the UAE, which holds a commanding presence in the Middle East and boasts a progressive economy, cyber adversaries see an enticing target. Disturbances at local or regional levels often translate to cyber intrusions on the international front, especially when motives are rooted in political or financial aspirations. Mandiant, at this year’s GITEX, is dedicated to aiding businesses in understanding both their prevalent and emerging threats, effective security protocols, and the intelligence backing them. The focal message from Mandiant underscores the essence of readiness: avoiding testing your team’s preparedness during an actual security breach and instead relying on Mandiant for enhanced detection, investigation, and response capabilities.

Mandiant underscores the essence of a multi-tiered defense mechanism. The primary tier emphasizes asset identification and protection, while the subsequent tier focuses on breach detection, response, and containment. With the changing threat landscape, businesses should be primed for potential breaches.

In these testing times, Mandiant champions the integration of AI, especially generative AI (genAI), to bolster defenses. Dedicated to deploying genAI to counter threats, streamline processes, and magnify cybersecurity expertise, Mandiant envisions genAI as a tool for swift threat response, lessening the load on security experts, and filling the industry’s talent void. By tapping into genAI, Mandiant hopes to offer defenders a notable advantage, equipping them to preemptively counter emerging threats.