Netskope Initiates Four NewEdge Data Centres in UAE and Saudi Arabia
Netskope Initiates Four NewEdge Data Centres in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Image: Nick Fewings (unsplash)

Netskope, a global leader in cybersecurity, has broadened its NewEdge Network presence in the Middle East, unveiling four new data centres in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, as reported in a recent press release.

This advancement positions Netskope to further expand its network capacity and augment services both locally and for international enterprise clientele. The move also falls in line with the platform’s overarching aim of fortifying data and organisations within the Middle East.

By integrating these NewEdge data centres, the momentum toward adopting a Zero Trust security paradigm is likely to surge among Middle Eastern entities.

Such integration paves the way for rendering real-time inline and out-of-band API-centric services, encompassing offerings like Cloud Firewall (FWaaS), Secure Web Gateway (SWG), Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), and Cloud and SaaS Security Posture Management (CSPM/SSPM).

In a parallel development, projections suggest the GCC data centre market is on a trajectory to escalate to an impressive $5.50 billion by 2028 from its $3.44 billion valuation in 2022.

Murhaf Alwan, spearheading the Information Technology division for Al Dawaa, a reputed Netskope client, conveyed the advantages they garnered utilising Netskope’s Gulf-based resources. He pointed out the increased benefits they anticipate with the new infrastructure. This shift not only promises a more streamlined experience for their user base but also ensures strict alignment with prevailing data protection legislations.

On a similar note, Jonathan Mepsted, the Vice President for Middle East & Africa at Netskope, highlighted the regional businesses’ inclination toward the Security Services Edge (SSE) paradigm. This approach champions hybrid work strategies and cloud-centric tech solutions, all while safeguarding data irrespective of its location.

Yet, Mepsted also drew attention to the stringent data protection and residency mandates prevalent across the Middle East. To navigate these, Netskope has channelled investments into a sturdy regional infrastructure, emphasizing its commitment to a distributed and dedicated service edge.

Further, he expounded on NewEdge’s capabilities, particularly its prowess in locally scrutinizing vast data volumes. Owing to its elimination of intricate, latency-laden backhauling and a decrease in reliance on capricious public networks, NewEdge has been received warmly by clients, carving newer avenues for Netskope’s outreach in the region.