Secureworks Amplifies Partner-First Approach in the Middle East
Secureworks Amplifies Partner-First Approach in the Middle East

Image: Saj Shafique (unsplash)

Secureworks, a cybersecurity titan, has disclosed an enlargement of its Partner First strategy in the Middle East.

Starting on June 19, 2023, every new Secureworks Taegis venture in the area will undergo a cooperative sales process with strategic allies. This collaborative approach is designed to empower organisations to make better-informed cybersecurity decisions, ultimately leading to enhanced security outcomes and a strengthened overall security stance.

The Secureworks Counter Threat Unit, functioning across the Middle East, notes the three most severe cyber threats to organisations: data theft, ransomware, and business email compromise. With these threats increasing, businesses are finding that a platform-based approach is essential for best defending against a continuously evolving enemy. This necessity has triggered a substantial demand for Taegis in the Middle East, and the Partner First strategy is crucial for satisfying this demand.

Market opportunity

Secureworks’ operations span the Middle East, including Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and UAE. By implementing the Partner First strategy, the company is demonstrating further commitment to regionally strategic partners to leverage the burgeoning market opportunity in the Middle East and augment its market share.

Partners in the region will benefit from resources such as sales playbooks, a partner portal, training, market intelligence provided by Secureworks, and competitive discounts designed to ensure industry-leading profit margins.

Gopan Sivasankaran, Regional Director META at Secureworks, conveyed the challenges faced by organisations in the Middle East. Defending endpoints, identity systems, cloud applications, and more against a rising wave of complex and frequent cybersecurity attacks is a major concern. To prevent and counteract these attacks, businesses are shifting towards a holistic, platform-based, approach to their cyber investments, aiming to achieve valuable and tangible outcomes.

Enabling partners

Sivasankaran reiterated the importance of partners in their growth and scaling strategy. Secureworks is committed to mutual cooperation, enabling partners to stand out and win deals. Cooperation with Secureworks allows them to offer an open XDR platform architecture complemented by AI and automation, powered by world-class threat intelligence. The Partner First strategy is considered beneficial for both partners and customers, who can manage their cyber risk and make critical investments via their trusted partners.

Taegis, a SaaS-based comprehensive security solution, provides unparalleled threat prevention, detection, and rapid response. With its open approach, Taegis functions as the single interface into an organisation’s cyber environment, enhancing cyber readiness and delivering an improved return on investment.

Sajeev Perunnelly, Director Enterprise Computing at Alpha Data Dubai, recounted the successful six-year partnership with Secureworks, attributing the remarkable growth in the region to the company’s unrelenting dedication to innovation and evolution of its Taegis platform. This commitment ensures that customers can effectively understand, detect, and respond to threats.