Strengthening Application Development Security: Help AG Collaborates with Algosec
Strengthening Application Development Security: Help AG Collaborates with Algosec

Image: Scott Graham (unsplash)

Help AG, a notable branch of e& enterprise specializing in digital safety and revered as the Middle East’s premier security consultant, has forged a partnership with AlgoSec, an eminent leader in safeguarding application connectivity worldwide. This alliance will offer Help AG’s clientele the advantage of AlgoSec’s swift, fortified application rollout and security protocol oversight, extending across diverse domains like public and private clouds, containers, and on-site networks.

As the era of digital metamorphosis gains momentum, there’s a pressing need for swift application creation. However, this urgency is paralleled by the evolution of intricate threats, spotlighting the pivotal role of steadfast digital security. This landscape paints a demanding picture for security professionals: the daunting task of harmonizing speed with safety.

The AlgoSec platform, renowned for its exhaustive hybrid network insights and unmatched automation capabilities, is poised to empower Help AG’s customer base. It promises an expedited product launch timeframe without sidelining security. AlgoSec’s pivotal role in helping enterprises curtail digital threats and safeguard their reputation is commendable. It accomplishes this by aiding organizations in grasping their security stance and fostering unity among their DevOps, SecOps, and business units, anchoring their discussions around application-centric paradigms. Furthermore, Help AG’s customers will have a comprehensive view, encompassing the exploration, recognition, and charting of business applications and their security protocols, factoring in connectivity dynamics.

Moreover, the AlgoSec platform gifts Help AG’s clientele the competence to institute alterations securely. This is achieved by streamlining application connectivity and security protocol modifications, spanning the entire spectrum from blueprinting to risk assessment, execution, and authentication. Augmenting this, AlgoSec ensures clients remain ever-compliant with prevailing regulations, offering the luxury of auto-generating audit-ready documentation, thereby slashing audit groundwork time.

In light of this collaborative endeavor, Stephan Berner, the head honcho at Help AG, shared insights, emphasizing Help AG’s longstanding commitment to application security. This dedication shines through their rigorous efforts to integrate security right from the nascent stages of development and operations. The camaraderie with AlgoSec fortifies Help AG’s command in the DevSecOps sphere, endowing their clientele with access to AlgoSec’s comprehensive suite tailored for secure application connectivity. This liaison aligns seamlessly with Help AG’s client-focused metamorphosis and is a testament to their dedication to delivering a holistic multi-vendor security management solution. This is further augmented by the integration of AlgoSec into their repository, enriching their Network Security provision and expansive collection of Firewall providers.

Offering his perspective about this strategic alignment, Mike Landwehr, the APAC Vice President at AlgoSec, extolled the symbiotic relationship that thrives on AlgoSec’s top-tier product line and robust partnership dynamics. He expressed his elation at welcoming Help AG, an unparalleled player in the digital security arena, into their partnership fold. The mutual objective remains clear: delivering unparalleled value to their regional customer base. Landwehr also highlighted AlgoSec’s unmatched capability in automating application connectivity and security protocols across hybrid networks. Their holistic solution, unique in its application-centric approach, ensures security is weaved into the entire application creation journey, all while offering seamless integration with existing technological structures and uniform transparency across cloud, SDN, and in-house corporate networks.

AlgoSec’s offerings find application in a myriad of scenarios, encompassing change oversight, audits & adherence, micro-segmentation, DevOps, application connectivity, risk oversight, infrastructure upgrades, network security protocol administration, and hybrid-cloud.