UAE Announces Security Warning: Google Chrome Users Advised to Upgrade App
UAE Announces Security Warning: Google Chrome Users Advised to Upgrade App

Image: Christian Wiediger (unsplash)

On October 3, 2023, the Cyber Security Council of the UAE disseminated a significant alert.

Using X, previously known as Twitter, the agency conveyed the discovery of an urgent security vulnerability in Google Chrome. This flaw, they reported, has already been manipulated and holds the potential for causing application malfunctions or random code operations.

The agency further elaborated that Google has launched version 117.0.5938.132 of Chrome to rectify a grave security flaw, labeled as CVE-2023-5217. This weakness permits malefactors to misuse the VP8 video codec’s encoding, paving the way to embed spyware or manage remote code.


The council urged inhabitants to assimilate the recently launched security patches by Google. Moreover, they encouraged individuals to circulate this crucial information amongst their corporate circles and trade associates.


What does this new upgrade tackle?

The recent Google Chrome upgrade remedies several predicaments:

To whom is this fresh upgrade accessible?

The latest release can be downloaded by users of:

  • Linux
  • Microsoft
  • MacOS

In the past, the council has circulated notifications to inhabitants about security hesitations related to various devices. For instance, the previous month witnessed an announcement from the Cyber Security Council regarding certain issues found in specific Apple gadgets, pinpointing the identification of “three security flaws”.