UAE: Caution Advised to Residents Regarding Suspicious Messages on WhatsApp and Social Media
UAE: Caution Advised to Residents Regarding Suspicious Messages on WhatsApp and Social Media

Image: David Rodrigo (unsplash)

UAE officials have cautioned residents regarding the risks associated with engaging with unfamiliar links frequently shared through platforms such as WhatsApp, text messages, and numerous social media sites. This guidance is a component of the continuous initiatives aimed at heightening awareness about online safety and shielding the community from possible digital dangers.

The Cyber Security Council, entrusted with the task of supervising online safety within the UAE, communicated their message through the widely-used social media site X (previously recognized as Twitter). The council stressed the importance of prudence and alertness when coming across unrequested messages that prompt individuals to associate with groups or prompt them to interact with unfamiliar links.

The message from the council advised users to act judiciously, avoid engaging with unfamiliar links, and confirm the legitimacy of messages by connecting directly with the senders prior to any response.

Such links frequently direct unwary individuals to deceptive websites, initiate unwanted software downloads, or reveal them to multiple digital dangers. Occasionally, malicious actors succeed in accessing an individual’s account using these methods, and they might exploit the contact list of the affected individual for further unauthorized endeavors.

This statement highlights the continuous apprehensions surrounding the growing frequency of online deceptive activities, phishing endeavors, and assorted digital threats targeting users’ confidential data and online safety.

UAE’s governing bodies remain dedicated to protecting its residents and ensuring that they are adequately educated about potential hazards in the digital realm.

Residents have been motivated to relay any dubious messages or links to the appropriate governing bodies. This aids in confronting digital dangers and in preserving the integrity of the online environment.

Guidelines for steering clear of scams:

  1. Steer clear of unidentified links.
  2. Confirm the identity of the sender through direct interaction prior to engaging with links.
  3. Ensure all your applications and operating systems are updated routinely.
  4. Utilize antivirus tools and applications.
  5. Steer clear of affiliating with unfamiliar groups on platforms like WhatsApp or other sites and apps.