UAE Demonstrates Strong Ransomware Defense – Acronis Report Points to Stable Threat Landscape
UAE Demonstrates Strong Ransomware Defense – Acronis Report Points to Stable Threat Landscape

Image: David Rodrigo (unsplash)

Amidst growing challenges in the international cybersecurity domain, a new report by Acronis, a global leader in cyber protection, highlights the impressive resilience of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the wider GCC area. The document provides insights into the cybersecurity scenarios of the UAE and GCC, illustrating how these areas have effectively countered ransomware threats, with indications of threats remaining stable.

Owing to their unwavering commitment to strengthening the region’s digital infrastructure, the comprehensive Acronis Cyberthreat Report 2023 predicts a noticeable stabilization in monthly ransomware detection rates during Q4 of 2023, a contrast to the 6% increase observed from Q1 2023 to Q4 2022.

Understanding the Ransomware Situation in the UAE and GCC:

The UAE and GCC have become symbols of cybersecurity prowess, as described by the Acronis Cyberthreat Report 2023. Key findings include:

  1. Escalating Costs of Cyberattacks in the Middle East: The report details an upward trend in various cyberattacks in the Middle East, resulting in significant financial implications for enterprises. Such threats include hacking, malware, and data breaches. Notably, IBM data suggests that the average financial impact of a cyberattack on entities in Saudi Arabia and the UAE stands at US$6.53 million, a figure 69% above the worldwide average.
  2. Ransomware Defense: Even with the amplified costs linked to extensive cyberattacks, the UAE and GCC have exhibited significant resistance to ransomware threats. The report indicates that the count of monthly ransomware detections is likely to remain consistent through 2023, reinforcing the region’s effective cybersecurity approaches targeting ransomware.
  3. Phishing Concerns: Phishing continues to pose challenges, as cyber criminals persistently employ this method to acquire login details, necessitating continuous caution by regional organizations.
  4. Addressing Malware: As of May 2023, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait reported an 11% malware infection rate, ranking 25th and 27th worldwide, while the UAE showcased its defense capabilities with a 10% rate, occupying the 31st global spot.
  5. AI’s Dominant Role: Over 70% of UAE businesses have integrated AI into their decision-making, highlighting its effectiveness against complex cyber threats and underlining the region’s commitment to cybersecurity excellence.

The Acronis report notes that the Middle East, and especially the UAE, due to its significant economic influence, has often been targeted for cyber incidents. However, with comprehensive measures and investments in cybersecurity infrastructure and training by various stakeholders, the region has made notable progress in countering these challenges.

With the UAE and GCC showcasing their cybersecurity capabilities on a global scale, Acronis remains a vital ally, providing them with advanced tools and strategies to tackle the continually shifting cyber threat environment.

At the GITEX Cybersecurity Event, Acronis underscored the rising significance of cyber protection by involving Paul Dickov, the renowned Manchester City figure. This collaboration highlighted that cybersecurity encompasses more than just technical aspects but is a community effort. The gathering presented engaging live exhibits, interactive activities, and exclusive updates on current cybersecurity developments.

James Slaby, Acronis’s Director of Cyber Protection, delivered enlightening presentations daily, discussing the means to confront AI-fueled cyber threats, establishing solid cyber defenses, comprehending the nuances of cyber insurance, designing a foolproof incident response strategy, and ensuring the protection of crucial Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace data.

Despite escalating global threats, the UAE and GCC remain resolute, with projections indicating a stabilization of ransomware threats by Q4. As digital scenarios transform, the UAE and GCC are primed to ensure the security of their digital environments, with organizations like Acronis playing an essential part in enhancing the region’s cybersecurity standing.

For a deeper dive into contemporary cybersecurity patterns, threats, and solutions, interested individuals can explore the Acronis booth located in the Cyber Valley section, H25 – C50.