UAE Prepares to Welcome the 25th Gulf Engineering Forum in February 2024
UAE Prepares to Welcome the 25th Gulf Engineering Forum in February 2024

Image: Nick Fewings (unsplash)

The UAE Society of Engineers, alongside the Gulf Engineering Union, has set the stage for the 25th Gulf Engineering Forum. This grand event is slated for 7th-8th February 2024 at the InterContinental Dubai Festival City and is themed “Smart Engineering for a Sustainable Future.”

During a press conference at the UAE Society of Engineers’ main office in Dubai, representatives from various local and Arab media outlets gathered. Among the distinguished attendees were Abdullah Yousef Al Ali, the leader of the UAE Society of Engineers, and Mohamed Ali Alkhozaae, the principal figure of the Gulf Engineering Union.

The decision to hold this forum is in line with the UAE’s strategic direction, embodying its aspirations for leadership, distinction, and quality. Furthermore, it emphasizes the nation’s commitment to fostering innovation that facilitates holistic and enduring progress across multiple fields.

Al Ali elucidated the importance the UAE’s leadership attaches to the engineering realm. They have been instrumental in furnishing resources and backing for domestic talents, thus fostering growth within associated establishments and firms. Comprehensive planning and strategy formulation have been pivotal, propelling the country’s endeavors in heightening consciousness about sustainability in myriad domains. Al Ali also shed light on the proactive role played by the UAE Society of Engineers in cultivating an innovative spirit, positioning it as a pivotal element for boosting global competitiveness and stature. Through diverse campaigns, the Society extends a platform to imaginative minds in the engineering domain. The Gulf Engineering Forum stands as a testament to these endeavors.

Alkhozaae emphasized the Gulf Engineering Forum’s stature as an esteemed nexus, attracting luminaries, policymakers, researchers, and specialists in engineering from local and regional landscapes. It not only serves as a melting pot for discussions on pivotal subjects and predicaments but also is a crucible for deriving enduring resolutions. The forum’s spirit is about fostering partnerships, unearthing fresh horizons, and sculpting a brighter, sustainable trajectory for the engineering sphere.

The Forum is poised to revolve around core areas, including infrastructure and construction frameworks, robotic and intelligent systems, bioengineering and biomedical practices, and the role of protective measures in engineering systems. Attendees can anticipate a blend of enlightening panel deliberations and workshops, helmed by leading figures from the industry, along with an exhibition, agreement finalizations, and one-on-one engagements amidst the participating factions.

Attendees of the Gulf Engineering Forum span a spectrum – government and semi-government entities, firms specializing in AI and tech, academic and research bodies, in addition to a plethora of engineers, academicians, and policymakers, both local and global.