UAE Sets Standard in Digital Safety in the Middle East
UAE Sets Standard in Digital Safety in the Middle East

Image: Nick Fewings (unsplash)

The UAE has achieved recognition as a standard-bearer for digital safety in the Middle East, demonstrating impressively low rates of online threats and blocked URLs.

The digital safety scenario within the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa (META) region has experienced notable growth compared to the previous year. The Middle East has seen a significant uptick in awareness and investment related to digital safety, largely fueled by its fast-paced digital evolution. This area has exhibited a strong inclination towards cutting-edge digital safety solutions.

The Data Privacy & Digital Safety Seminar, recently hosted by the UAE Chapter of ICAP Members in Dubai, was a significant success. The occasion saw a convergence of industry stalwarts, experts, and professionals discussing the crucial intersections of data protection, digital security, and business fortitude.

The seminar was orchestrated by the Managing Committee of the UAE Chapter of ICAP Members, an extension of the Pakistan Association Dubai & UAE Chapter of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP). The committee, led by Chairman Yasir Gadit and Vice President Mustajab, consisted of Joint Secretary Naffar Hussain, General Secretary Asad Siddiqui, and Head of Financial Affairs Inayatullah Begawala, with other committee members like Arun Bulani, Kashif Aujla, and Malik Mudasser.

The leadership duo of Yasir Gadit and Mustajab introduced the committee, conveyed their sincere appreciation to all attendees and committee members, and prompted everyone to take note of the upcoming ICAP event, the GCC Finance Summit, scheduled for November 28th.

In a gesture of acknowledgment, the UAE Chapter of ICAP Members recognized the relentless efforts of ICAP Senior Members Nafees, Asif Zaman, and Asif Kaleem, presenting them with shields as symbols of appreciation for their significant contributions to the entity.

Several key figures shared their insights on the event and the pressing importance of data protection in the current business landscape. Among them was Rabia Shaukat, FCA, ACCA, Founder & Managing Director of ADSA Hospitality Finance Consultants, who highlighted the importance of investing in data security in the digital era, noting the increasing volume of sensitive data online.

Saeed Hasan Khan, Director of Bizilance Legal Consultants Ltd, offered valuable guidance on the Personal Data Privacy Legal Framework. Another director from Bizilance, Saifullah Khan, provided insights on global regulatory trends. Mark Child, CEO of Quantum Evolve, gave a compelling talk on strengthening digital assets, while Ms. Edvania Tarkiainen, Founder and CEO of Thera Compliance, spoke on data privacy compliance challenges and opportunities. Ms. Iris Chelarescu, a Wellness Coach, explored the synergy between wellness and business.

The event also saw the involvement of Asad Siddiqui, Finance Director at Moment Holdings Ltd, and Naffar Hussain, Managing Partner at ANK Global, who facilitated the event as accomplished Masters of Ceremony.

In conclusion, the Data Privacy & Digital Safety Seminar served as a hub for insightful dialogues, networking, and idea exchange, fostering understanding of the dynamic world of data protection and digital safety.