UBF Emphasizes Enhanced Digital Security as Crucial for Customer Trust and the Progress of the UAE’s Banking Sector
UBF Emphasizes Enhanced Digital Security as Crucial for Customer Trust and the Progress of the UAE’s Banking Sector

Image: mir Hanna (unsplash)

The UAE Banks Federation (UBF) has consistently emphasized the importance of providing a secure and seamless banking experience. Particularly, they highlight the significance of digital security measures that act as vital protections against online threats. These measures aim to foster trust and propel the growth of the UAE banking industry, especially given the rapid pace of digital transformation affecting the world and, notably, the banking and financial sectors.

This emphasis on digital security was particularly evident during the UAE Banks Federation’s involvement in the 3rd Digital Security Conclave. The Conclave, hosted at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai, was a collaborative effort led by the UAE Digital Security Council, Dubai Electronic Security Centre, and the Private Office of Sheikh Saeed bin Ahmed Al Maktoum.

The Federation’s commendable strides in advancing the banking and financial sector were acknowledged with the Excellence in Banking Sector Service Award. Dr. Mohammed Hamad Al Kuwaiti, the Head of Digital Security for the UAE Government, presented this esteemed accolade to Jamal Saleh, Director-General of UAE Banks Federation. The award signifies the IT community’s acknowledgment of UBF’s pivotal role in advancing digital transformation and safeguarding the industry from potential online risks. Such achievements have played an instrumental role in enhancing the UAE’s stature as a leading global financial center, further solidifying customer trust in the UAE banking industry.

The conference attracted over 200 attendees, comprising government representatives, digital security specialists, and executives from the banking, finance, and other pivotal economic sectors. They congregated to deliberate on the prevailing challenges in digital security, alongside exploring trends and growth opportunities in the domain. The UAE, as a leader in digital transformation, continues to promote investments in digital security to bolster its digital safeguards and fortify its digital infrastructure.

Keynote speeches at the conclave were delivered by several dignitaries, including Dr. Mohammed Hamad Al Kuwaiti, Jamal Saleh, Sultan Al Owais, Director of Smart Services at the Prime Minister’s Office, Dr. Aloysius Cheang, and Olivier Busolini. Jamal Saleh highlighted the indispensability of digital security for UBF and the broader banking sector. With the digital era transforming financial practices and asset management, securing financial systems has become more crucial than ever.

The Federation operates under the close watch and collaboration of the Central Bank of the UAE and other pertinent authorities. They actively pursue the implementation of anti-fraud protocols, fortification of financial systems, and persistent efforts to raise public and customer awareness about various fraud types and preventative measures. Additionally, an annual Digital Wargaming event, co-organized with the Central Bank of the UAE and UAE Digital Security Council, aims to elevate digital security practices, ensuring the safety of the digital architecture of the banking and financial sectors.

The Digital Wargaming initiative undertakes virtual simulations to evaluate the prowess of digital security teams in detecting and navigating cyber threats, thereby ascertaining strengths and identifying areas of improvement.

Jamal Saleh further commented on the foundational role of trust in the banking industry. With banks perennially seeking to optimize trust levels amongst their clientele, digital security emerges as a cornerstone. The rapid evolution of cyber threats necessitates the perpetual adaptation of protective measures for the digital banking and financial landscape.

Saleh emphasized the centrality of regulatory compliance. It’s clear that adhering to the highest digital security standards isn’t just a legal mandate but has transcended to become a vital mechanism to ensure safety.

He also underscored the need for individuals to shoulder responsibility, as they often represent both the primary defense and the most vulnerable target in the digital security continuum. It’s paramount for individuals to remain vigilant against fraudulent schemes like phishing and social engineering.

The conclave also hosted panel discussions that provided a holistic perspective on the digital security milieu, touching upon diverse topics such as the contributions of Emirati women to the sector, cloud computing vulnerabilities, and strategies for resilience against cyber threats.