Weekly Data Leaks Review (August 10 – August 16)
Weekly Data Leaks Review (August 10 – August 16)

Let’s take a look at a brief overview of data leaks from last week. In the spotlight: Missouri Department of Social Services, PSNI, Liquor Control Board of Ontario, CentroMed, Jefferson Health,, Generations Federal Credit Union, Entertainment Partners.

Missouri’s Medicaid beneficiaries were alerted this week of a potential compromise of their private details due to a digital security lapse. In a communique issued on August 9, 2023, the Missouri Department of Social Services (DSS) conveyed the possible unauthorized access to these sensitive details.

Elsewhere, a 39-year-old Lurgan resident from County Armagh has been taken into custody in connection with the data violation at the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) a week prior. The arrest follows suspicions of the individual collecting intelligence that could aid extremist activities. Currently, the Musgrave Serious Crime Suite in Belfast is the venue of the suspect’s questioning.

In a subsequent incident, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) announced another breach of its customer data this year, marking the second instance. The provincial entity acknowledged the unauthorized access to their subscription data on August 9 and subsequently informed the affected clientele via an email on the following Wednesday.

Meanwhile, a cyber intrusion in June targeting CentroMed, based in San Antonio, has reportedly jeopardized the personal data of an estimated 350,000 individuals. This has been documented as the ninth largest such breach informed to the state’s legal apparatus since the enactment of a mandate almost 24 months ago. The legislation necessitates businesses to alert affected patrons and the state’s attorney general’s office upon encountering such breaches.

Jefferson Health has also raised an alarm, cautioning patients of its Cherry Hill medical facility about a potential security breach. An external storage device associated with a bone density scanner has reportedly gone astray since mid-June. The medical conglomerate remains uncertain if the device was mislaid or illicitly acquired.

In a similar vein, has momentarily ceased its operations following a cyber infiltration that jeopardized the private details of approximately 760,000 platform users. Dark Reading cites that the compromised data encompasses usernames, Discord IDs, electronic mail addresses, residential addresses, and passwords among other sensitive details.

Additionally, an ex-employee and client of Generations Federal Credit Union has initiated a potential collective legal action against the financial entity. The litigation stems from a digital breach in December that impacted roughly 18,000 individuals. The contention alleges that the San Antonio-based union neglected to uphold robust security protocols, leaving it vulnerable to digital adversaries.

Entertainment Partners, a prominent entity that orchestrates remuneration processes in the entertainment sector, disclosed a grave data infringement in late June. This breach has purportedly endangered the personal data of nearly half a million individuals. A disclosure, which found its way to Reddit, highlights that the compromised data ranged from full names and postal addresses to tax identification and Social Security numbers.